Omega 3 in a great package

Tonight we got salmon, spinach and new potatos. Yum! We still maintain our new healthy lifestyle – which contains a lot of vitamines and healthy nutrients with almost no calorics.




The recipe contains (for two persons);
– Two pieces of fresh salmon
– 250 g fresh spinach
– One big onion, sliced
– 250 g fresh chopped mushrooms
– Four cloves garlic

Put the ingrediens in a ovenproof dish and add some rapeseed oil and salt, pepper and freezed-dried garlic – mix it together and put the salmon on top and pensel it with oil as well. Then sprinkle the salmon with freshly ground salt.

Put it in the oven in 20 min.

Cook fresh new potatoes with coarse salt intil they are tender.

Enjoy a fresh dinner filled with good vitamines and omega 3. Which is great for your skin, hair and nails.

Skinny Chick

I won this on another blog .. Its Cults new Skinny Chick. If you mix it with sparkling water – there is only 46 calories each drink. Im already in love with it and Im sure it will safe me from spending all these money on my loving Somersby Lite. We are now finish with our project “Amsterdam-on-youtube” and later we have presentation. Mr. L is in my town and last night we had the best evening, after a long day working on our project.. We had a few drinks and some wine. The sun is shining and later Im sure we’ll get some drinks and perhaps visiting “Vegas” – someone we know is playing and singing. Weekend !! (:


Its not normal!?
Denne lørdag begynder at ligne de forgående – men vi endte i byen og jeg blev ret så fuld .. bvadr. Aftenen var ret intim med dybe samtaler og sang. I den sidste uge har jeg været til clinique-make-up-aften med min dejlige veninde. Weekenden samt torsdag har stået på byture – igen !