New start

The first two day at the new advertising agency has passed. Great days!


Why blog?

Why do you guys blog?
For your own fault, your
readers .. or ? whats
your drive .


Today we sign the lease on the new apartment. There is a garden and a terrace. I am happy. We just got home from a cafe where we celebrated my sister’s birthday. Why is it raining? I’m not dressed for. Did I mention that I got the internship position at the advertising agency· Beautiful.

Ps. I love you “L”

what a twist

The day has taken a BIG twist – in the morning I wasn’t motivated
at all.. I send my portfolio and a mail to my dream-advertising agency.
Later I called on a newspaper ad with a house for rent.
My sister came and we walked with little Apple and some hours later,
Ive seen the house, its amazing with a big garden.. and the advertising
agency mailed me back – I am going to a internship-interview next week ❤
Later theory to driving license. Eating strawberries and smile.