Life is more than a beautiful facade

Disappointed with myself. I have not been good to me. Sorry.
I’ve thought about life -what is it really. Why is everything so superficial and flashing. It’s about things, money and appearance. It’s about cool jobs and nice houses. “L” told me that Art director in NY is the most prestigious job you can get. I become an art director – not to be prestigious, but because I love being creative. Because I will live on my passion. But there must just be more to life than just that!? End to qualify?
What is your passion in life? and what drives you?

Btw – pics from last weekend. Im drinking coffee and studying for my exam. Yesterday was calm and warm. No drinks and no hangover today.


8 thoughts on “Life is more than a beautiful facade

  1. Thanks for your honest answers Lara. As they say, life’s a playground and you choose – the beauty is that you can go wherever you want. But why are you so bound by so many rules and obligations.
    Alright with facebook – are glad you find it inspiring

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