How do you celebrate valentines day?

Found this on one of my favorite blogs – I thought it was sweet and I share the point of view – Valentines day can be to much, and the only winners are the industry. It does not mean, that I don’t think it is a great idea, to show your loved one how much you care for them on the day, but then do it every day!


How do you celebrate valentines day? Is it strange that you have a special day to show your love or is it really okay?


31 thoughts on “How do you celebrate valentines day?

    • Hei – very interesting post ! Thanks a lot (: so it is actually okay
      I think I have to spend my day alone too – or with some good friends ..

  1. Valentines day. is sadly something I have never celebrated EVER in my life due to unfortunate circumstances.
    But i can share with you what my ideal valentines celebration is.

    Upon waking up, breakfast in bed with a single Red/pink rose being served by that special someone still wearing my apron.
    Afternoon walk in the orchidarium and butterfly pavillion and a nice luncheon for two at the Terrazas.
    Sunset walk by the bay
    Candle light dinner for two at the floating restaurant on he sea.

    Thats basically it. ^_^

    Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

    • Oh, thanks for the answer (: it sounds like a beautiful day – I wish you could live out such a dream. But the “someone special”, if he is special enough – will know what you dream about. And then the dream can become a reality.

  2. Valentines Day? To be honest, my husband and I have been married so long that we don’t really bother with it any more. 😀

  3. As long as dancing is involved somewhere in the day, Valentines Day will be good. Dancing can take place anywhere. to any kind of music, with anyone!

  4. I usually host a family dinner for our grown children and their families close to Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we play a couple of Valentine’s Day themed games afterward. The grandchildren get small Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s always good to be together and share family time.

    My husband and I exchange valentines with each other on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I buy him candy or bake his favorite cake, German chocolate. He surprises me with a gift of some kind, but he does this on other days, too.

    I think it’s most important to show our loved ones that we care, not just on one day, but year round.

    • It sounds like a wonderful day for you and your family. I totally agree that it is important to show loved ones how much they mean to someone every day. But you bring valentines day in your whole family is a sweet thought. Sometimes I have also received gifts from my stepmother on valenines day – she loves to buy ceremonial things.

    • True. There are probably many who do not celebrate the day. But I’ll bet that the countries’ cafes and restaurants are filled with couples on valentines day.

      Thanks a lot (:

  5. I’ve never celebrated Valentines day since I’ve usually been single except for this year but this year will be the same because I cant bring myself to celebrate it with one I dont think deserve it but maybe next year you can ask this same question and my answer can be totally different

    • Yes, valentines day can be very different from year to year. I’ve never celebrated valentines day alone – except this year. But some years you love the day, and sometimes you wants people to turn down the romantic flabbily.

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